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discounted drinks 3-7 PM every day; all day Sunday *  New happy hour menu available includes: salads, appetizers, sushi roll and bar specialties. *  A new tasty Bar Menu available all day *  plus Specials for NFL Games as well!


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Live Band on Every Friday Night & Rising Star Karaoke on Every Saturday Night ** Cadillac Jump Blues Band April 8th * Matt Kuhn Group April 15th * Love Story April 22nd * John Bell Band April 29th * 24 Karat Rock Band May 6th *

L23 Shrimp with Broccoli

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Brooks S.

Have ordered carryout and grub hub delivery several times. Food is good and hear they have great live music and entertainment. So can't wait to try that. Most of the food is spot on for Chinese food. Love the fried rice and they are willing to make it without eggs since I'm not a fan. I give it a 10(in Billy Bob voice) !!!!


Reuben K.

Orange chicken was mostly batter (see pic). Service was horrible. Completely forgot to bring out egg rolls, nowhere to be found when we needed water, and the waitress seemed like she really didn't care to be there.


Dino M.

I was really craving sushi. I work for doordash and this place is a huge hit, I pick up orders all the time from here. I ordered Maryland Sea King Roll and the Special Tempura Roll. It was actually very good. I've been to a lot of sushi places around Maryland and I've been to really expensive sushi bars. This was really good for the price. Eating the Maryland roll you could honestly think that it would be more pricier then this. I usually get a tempura roll every sushi place that I go to because it's my favorite and this is the second best one. The best being a 15$ roll from out of state so I would most likely choose this roll in Szechuan then a 15$ roll even if it was that good. I do recommend this place for sushi. I read some reviews most people have high ratings for sushi and low for the actual food so I guess I'll have to come back for some orange chicken.


C W.

Waitress was clearly overwhelmed. Only 6 booths being used for restaurant side. Waited 10 min for her to come over. Ordered drinks and food. Waited another 20 min. Asked hostess to find our drinks. Another 10 min and all food arrives. Then our drinks arrived. Wrong soup delivered.  Wrong entree delivered.  Then she was apologetic....but I blame the management for not recognizing she was in over her head and helping...Like giving us water...which the hostess didnt. We live very close....but have had several experiences like this. Will go to east west szechuan from now on by bjs.


J F.

Ordered carryout. American Dream specialty roll, beef chow fun and a spicy tuna hand roll. The American Dream Roll was by far the best! Awesome, great flavor and very fresh. The spicy tuna roll was small, bland and wasn't the least bit "spicy" or flavorful. The Beef chow fun (wide rice noodles) ordered with extra garlic and hot and spicy was greasy, noodles were over cooked, mushy and falling apart. Nothing near the chewy, bouncy texture they should be, and get little meat. I'm assuming by this order their specialty sushi rolls are they way to go, even though having a small selection.


Nicole M.

I love this place! We live close and it is definitely one of our go to. They have a great happy hour, wonderful sushi and extensive Chinese food menu. My kids love the California rolls which is very reasonably priced. Everything I've had here is good. I've sat at the bar just to have a Mai Tai they make a very good one and have happy hour all day on Sundays plus my friends and I can play keno. The staff is very friendly and I've honestly never had a bad experience


Reginald T.

My wife and ordered take out from Szechuan Inn a few weeks ago and thought it was pretty good.  So we decided to try dining in.  My wife was very pleased with her meal.  The shrimp fried rice is not bad.  I ordered steamed shrimp and scallops.  It was served lukewarm and tasted like the scallops were undercooked.  I got sick as a dog later that evening into the next day.  During our meal, we decided we'd try the fried vanilla ice cream.  The waitress copped an attitude when we sent it back when it came out drenched in chocolate syrup.  We didn't ask for chocolate... can't eat chocolate.  Waitress explain that the dessert is delivered from a vendor that way.  Not sure that I'm going back... I'll have to think about it.  BTW, the decor is pretty nice and the bathroom was clean.


Karen C.

Szechuan beef is pretty much a greasy mess. The beef is weirdly tenderized so it's soft and almost mushy. I asked for extra spicy. It was definitely spicy. Most places don't make it spicy when I ask. But the way they make it spicy seems like the cook just dumps in a bunch of red pepper flakes. So many pepper seeds made it unappetizing. All in all, pretty bad. I'm not a picky eater and I didn't eat more than 1/4 of the meal. Live and learn.


Bill K.

So I have a friend who loves this place for sushi.  I tried it for the first time tonight. I got the spicy beef soup, one specialty roll, one spicy tuna roll and an avocado roll.  The soup was good and came with a few fun sauces and crackers.  With the sushi, the rolls are only 6 pieces. The spicy tuna roll was the smallest sushi roll I have ever seen.  The specialty roll was barely ok.  The best of the lot was the avocado roll.  I was pretty disappointed with the whole meal.


Georgia L.

Went for lunch here and had one of the worst experiences in regards to customer service. The waitress was very rude to begin with and one of our meals had hard rocks in the beef. We then complained and they were very reticent to take the meal off the bill. We then left after still leaving a generous tip, only to be chased out of the restaurant because they couldn't find the receipt that was clearly on the table. They made us come back inside to show them where it was and it was displayed on the table in plain sight. This was horrible service and we were treated like thieves. Do not recommend.


Kim S.

The best service & food any place near Severna Park.  The bartenders are terrific and the owner Kim always greets everyone with a smile.  It's a neighborhood bar with charm and swagger.  Best bartender Soomi a


Peter Z.

Consistently, generous well prepared menu items - We typically have take out from the Inn several times a month



Ordered take out on a Friday.Shrimp toast, .95 you get one piece of bread cut into four sections. I expected two pieces of bread because the menu said it was four pieces.Orange chicken - overcooked, almost burnt, stuck together.House fried rice - Best deal on the menu. Large pieces of shrimp, chicken and beef.Steamed dumplings - fair. The sauce is lacking.


Kelly K.

I have not ordered anything from this place that I didn't like.  Probably the best dumplings I've ever had! My daughter ordered several sushi rolls, which were delicious and plated beautifully.  The ambiance with the bar in the back (playing country music) is a little odd but looks like it may be fun!


Natalie G.

Come to Szechuan Inn for happy hour! Best deals on sushi! Personally, I think their california roll is the best I've ever had. Since eating at Szechuan, I've noticed that any other california rolls I have that aren't from Szechuan's taste like TV static. It saddens my soul to see that this place only has 3 stars. I have been a regular for the happy hour. I'm satisfied every time. I love Szechuan Inn!


Matt F.

When they remodeled the place, they must have removed all sense of humanity from the staff because the service has steadily declined over the last two years. The restaurant is clean and orderly and the food is perfectly adequate, although sushi combos suffer a bit under the oppressive slowness of the one girl who seem to be the waitress for everyone outside the bar area. If you need to be anywhere inside of two hours, you have no business walking into Szechuan Inn and frankly, they don't care. For every request and need, a blank look is standard and any escalation to the older woman who appears to be the owner is just as useless. She laughs and walks away. It's a great recipe if you want to end up like Yomato, out of business. Szechuan's renovation and slightly above average Chinese (American style Chinese?) food can't compensate for the crappy slow service. I'm done giving them my money.


Catrice D.

I decided to meet some friends of mine from the gym on a Friday night; apparently this is there "go to" spot after their workout because of the sushi. My sister and I were greeted at the door and found our fiends right away. We sat at the Sushi Bar. The waitress (hostess/ waitress) brought the menus and took our drink orders right away; I ordered a cosmo (of course) and spring rolls for an appetizer. The first cosmo came out a with a little more triple sec then desired but the second one was on point!  The spring rolls were delicious and a great size (not too small or big). Lastly, I ordered General Tso's chicken, that's where they lost me a little bit, the food was intimidating at first sight due to the large amount of dough that was fried on the chicken and there was only 2 pieces of broccoli on the plate. The sauce for the chicken was extremely thick and reminded me of syrup. I'm not a sushi fan however my friends love it and visit often. This is not an establishment I see myself going out of my way to patronize as often as my colleagues. All in all, I give this establishment 3 stars for ambiance, their cosmos and the spring rolls. They also get another star because they had live entertainment on a Friday night.


Patricia T.

HORRIBLE experience. Went there on a weekday, mid-day. NOBODY else in the restaurant. Was directed where to sit and soon thereafter, choose to sit in table instead of booth. Was then told that I could not sit there. Could not understand what she was telling me in regards to WHY I could not sit there, so got up, moved all my stuff and went to another table. Mind you, NOBODY in the restaurant AT ALL.  Lunch menu, ordered from it, not allowed to pass on the eggroll and get a large wonton soup, so instead, I had to pay .00 extra. Next, Chicken with cashew nuts; 5 half cashews... that was all. Left no tip, thoroughly disgusted with how I was treated. Out the door I go, only for waitress to chase me down wanting a tip. Let her know exactly what the problems were. No apology from her, nothing. How can they treat customers this way? Never again. So unprofessional. They SO lack in customer service and basic common sense. UNREAL!


Ramatoulai F.

I ordered stir fry tofu with veggies, that had a long, black hair in it. I definitely would not order carry out from this place again!


Erik W.

I love this place.Prices COULD be a little cheaper, and they would have all my money if they delivered, but aside from that...The pad Thai is pretty good for a Chinese place. The egg rolls are great. The entrees I've had were all very good, and the various rice noodle dishes were excellent. I kind of wish they had longer hours for the lunch combos.I'm not a sushi guy, so I can't comment on that. The staff is very friendly.Another reason I like it is Saturday night Karaoke. It's not overcrowded like some places, and the clientele are reliable neighborhood folks. The bar staff is on point, friendly and fast and they aim to please. The price for a domestic beer IS a little high, and if they had ANY beer on tap, that would be good.

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